APC School

Project name

APC School








APCL NGO. (Assosiation of protection of child laborers)

Design team

Babak Rostamian, Yeganeh Ghezeloo, Sarah Alidousti, Mozhgan Khalilzadeh, Shahab Heidarian, Negar Yaraghi

Jameeat-e-Imam Ali is the first nonpartisan, student NGO in Iran founded in 1999 and has its first official office in Sharif University in 2000. The major activities are social problems, especially about children in impoverished areas.

The founder of the Imam Ali's Popular Students Relief Society Sharmin Meymandi Nejad, is the initiator of Intelligent Charity.

Activity fields of this community mostly deal with children related topics, such as orphan children, runaway children, Juvenile delinquency, child labor, sick children in poor families.

This NGO has started establishing the small-scale schools as the places for these children who are deprived of attending schools because of not having ID certificate. In these schools, all the members are like a body, they evaluate the circumstances especially in social problems and present solutions in every case. Solutions are given by the university students that have expert and knowledge in that case.

In this design, we tried to create an externally modest place. However, inside is another face of this building to boost not only the culturally Iranian sense but also the sense of intimacy. This place is suspected to play the role of home for children who have not had the chance to possess a normal life.