Fara-sanjesh Office

Project name

Fara-sanjesh Office






Under construction




5000 m2

Design team

Babak Rostamian, Negar Yaraghi

This office building, located in Tehran's Technology Park, was originally designed by the "Central Office", but was assigned to the Lotus Architectural Office in mid-project in the run-out phase of building structure. The goal was to improve the design, index the project in the park and monitor its implementation.

The plenty of problems in architectural plans and irregular plans in the main building, decreased quality of indoor spaces gravely, and the existence of large polygon shape voids, while distorting by structural beam, did not create beauty for the project, but created small office chambers around the corridors around voids.

Due to the implementation of half of the building and its skeleton, plan correction and volumetric play, especially on the terrace of the building, were the challenges for me that trying to improve the building and give it an administrative identity.