Techno-Brick Headquarter

Project name

Techno-Brick Headquarter









Design team

Babak Rostamian, Mitra Mohammadi, Mahsa Habibi, Vahid Jabbari, Fatemeh Asgharzadeh

The main formation of the plans and the volume of the project was affected by two old tall trees in the middle of the site, one was an old sycamore and the other an old elm. Both trees were about the same height as the new building and about 25-30 meters high. Preserving them, in addition to respecting nature, could lead to the green interior perspectives on the south wall.

From the initial stages of excavation and skeleton construction, arrangements were made to preserve these two trees, but unfortunately one of them dried up in the final stages of the building.

The employer, the oldest brick manufacturing company in Iran, had a reasonable interest and insistence on using the company's production bricks in the facade.

The use of brick surfaces in the form of vertical strips, limited to white stone walls and large glass surfaces brought a dynamism that attracts attention among the common classic cubes.

The front and back silhouette of the building is the result of the dynamic patios and the retreat of the building on the upper floors. The use of double brick walls has brought together internal and external perspectives.

Fractures in the building give users innovative perspectives. Vertical glass slits of different sizes have been formed and positioned in the direction of the opening sight, and the idea that tree frames and green exterior can be seen from everywhere inside.

Also, the circulation of light at different hours creates significant light shadows and a special variety in the work space.