villa diapazon

Project name

villa diapazon




Damavand, Tehran






600 m2



Design team

Babak Rostamian, Negar Yaraghi, Mitra Mohammadi

A conventional north-south oriented design would have cost this villa its privacy, placing it under the gaze of the overlooking neighbours.

Creating privacy and making use of the east-west spread of the site as well as the exceptional unobstructed view to the east, led us to a U-shaped design which satisfied both our architectural aspirations along with the wish of our client who envisioned a dreamy location for spending peaceful weekends near Damavand mountains.

Windows overlooking the inner courtyard engage in a visual diapasonic discussion while the whole villa benefits from the boundless view to the east.

The view to the east is further emphasized by the geometric break in the upper level’s southern wing. The courtyard’s semi-funnel shape widens the view of the upper level and the swimming pool which continues all the way through the garden and the tennis court. This shape also contributes to exceptional perspectives from the open ground floor.

The ceilings of the open ground floor and the study room are mirror-clad to highlight visual reflections in the section. This has resulted in exciting reflections from the garden, the open fireplace, the fountain and even the indoor activities.

Slivers of colourful light cut through the space as the sunlight peaks through the narrow stained-glass side-windows.

The swimming pool, the tennis court, the BBQ in the garden, the open fireplace in the courtyard, the fountain, the stained glass, the sunken fire hearth, the living room, the rooftop Jacuzzi… all are accessories for fulfilling a simple scenario: to provide as many potential locations for moments of calm and happiness as possible…